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Fair to Midland Fans! - ifs


Released June 5, 2004

Re-Released August 19, 2009



Track Title Length
001 Preambles in 3rd Person (1:49)
002 Dance of the Manatee (4:21)
003 Vice/Versa (4:33)
004 Cipieron (1:38)
005 A Seafarer's Knot (4:01)
006 Orphan Anthem '86 (5:00)
007 Inter.mission (1:57)
008 Granny Niblo (5:08)
09 The Walls of Jericho (4:04)
010 Abigail (2:09)
011 Timbuktu (4:07)
012 Kyla Cries Cologne (3:22)
013 Upgrade^Brigade (3:47)
014 When the Bough Breaks (1:19)
015 Quince (6:04)

A Miracle Elixir
The Elixir bearing this label, so surpassingly agreeable and gratifying to the taste, is intended to be an efficient substitute for those repulsive bitter tonics against which the delicate stomach so often revolts. The secret carbon-filtered blend of extracts from fifteen different herbs and root tarks promotes the capacity for Learning and Open-Mindedness, strengthens the Nerves, and revitalizes the Spirit while effectively warding off negative symptoms brought on during periods of Vibrational Chaos and Unsettling Earth Changes.

...i'll give you a home.

...this town is made of starfish-
i need a seahorse.

...i let them circle 'round
and defeat me

...if there's a nurse that takes
your ears in ration- seta a
plate to feed the stifled steel
if there's a nurse that feeds
your erm soaked dinners
on a tray of bones and orange peels


Management by Frank Hill
album artwork by Brett Stowers and inspired by Douglas Florian
recorded and mixed at reeltime studios in denton, tx
mastering done by Sterling sound
for lyrics- tour dates- and info regarding FTM- please visit ftmband.com
the next album will be better (unless it's worse)

fair to midland is (but not limited to)
andrew - vocals
clifford - guitars
nathin - bass
brett - percussion
matthew - pianos, etc.

Produced and Engineered by Mitch Lerner.
except for 'intermission' and 'abigail' - Produced ad Enghineered by Andrew Sudderth.
'cipieron' and 'when the bough breaks' - Produced and Engineered by Matt Langley.

Additional vocals on 'granny niblo' by Steven Price and Dillan Tomberlin.
string arrangements on 'granny niblo' and 'the walls of jericho' performed by Katia Reeb

inter.funda.stifle Demos



Track Title Length
001 Dance Of The Manatee (Demo 1) (3:55)
002 Dance Of The Manatee (Demo 2) (3:59)
003 Vice/Versa (Demo) (4:12)
004 Orphan Anthem '86 (Demo 1) (3:57)
005 Orphan Anthem '86 (Demo 2) (4:10)
006 Granny Niblo (Demo 1) (4:30)
007 Granny Niblo (Demo 2) (3:58)
008 The Walls Of Jericho (Demo 1) (4:14)
009 The Walls Of Jericho (Demo 2) (4:25)
010 Kyla Cries Cologne (Demo) (3:29)
011 Upgrade^Brigade (Demo) (3:42)
012 A Wolf Descends Upon the Spanish Sahara (Demo) (3:36)