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The Carbon Copy Silver Lining

Released 2002


Track Title Length
001 gaining one (4:26)
002 as i was travelling... (4:48)
003 stiffback (3:38)
004 informative timeline (5:01)
005 an occurance during the restoration process (4:01)
006 -the beltway- (3:14)
007 my mentor (3:31)
008 stale penny (Miracle Grow) (3:34)
009 pen-_-. (4:47)
010 beto II (3:53)
011 with this easel. (4:33)
012 see, saw (7:29)
013 ..(i).. (3:34)

it's a gamble who'll win
it's a gamble who'll win
follow me to the oilspill
please keep us up to date
take deep sighs near the wishing well
you'll be glad that you did.
i keep a filter inside
for sniffing you out.
it's a gamble who'll win
it's a gamble who'll win

couldn't push himself to press on through
both hands occupied in overindulgence
how collective some may say, poisoned himself as well as his seeds
while she used her makeup to mark her expression
straight out of here for cavemen, basking in rays, neglecting food
you'll learn malnourished makes us pretty
to speak in terms of both directions
should i admit that i am unisex?

we compromise our minds to feel our hearts
compromise our hearts to take advantage

this metal shines with sparks
you'll find it oddly shaped while porous
it's a local point, population infinity
will this cause grit teeth and a tight grip on money?
i hope this symbol will teach you patience
i hope this symbol represents the closing curtains
for it holds one page and one rhythm.


know which way to break yourself in
know which way to break yourself in
nod and smile
call and beckon
know which way to break yourself in
forget all your nods and smiles
witless notes and gone for...
know which way to break yourself in
know which way to break yourself in

we read and wish to sleep
practiced faith and wished for comets
who might sincerely appreciate my company
it's beneficial to stay here in the sky
and have the cosmos hold our breath for us
without even asking, they detect with precision
if those numbers hold you backwards

build a secure companion to give "support" and "comfort"
$19.95 for a limited time only
but it's not a scream for it speaks soft
it's not support for it's not strong

please allow me to do better than this
say a prayer to let he/she know we're selfish
establish and differentiate between being and well-being
excuse this symbol for known repetition and dramatic effect
i hope this symbol lives up to its name
i hope this is how i glow non-stop

because next to them we're elephants
because next to them we're elephants
towering he landscapes
and scared of smaller rodents
because next to them we're elephants

with all ramblings i hope to continue
receive notice to mumble in person
try to address them as god sends
while refusing to take a recepit
introducing a pilot trained for personal flight
he's led many times, we were all once led on his pencil
watching birds glide while at the same time shed feathers
plague "homes" when avoided
being the first to take flight at the changing of seasons
these spread wings are the image of false prophets
now i fold seven, and i don't know how it's coming
these must be where i take on the lead
this symbol is revealing and rarely used
here are the papers i've laid out for myself
now i give you my symbol
a small, thin carbon copy
hopefully you'll share your silver lining


Produced & Recorded by:
Braxton Henry, Jasen Mayfield, and Fair to Midland

Fair to Midland is:
Andrew Sudderth - Vocals
Cliff Campbell - Guitars
Nathin Seals - Bass
Jason Pintler - Drums
Brett Stowers - Percussion

Guest Musicians:
Matt Langley - Keyboards on Informative Timeline, pen-_-.
Ales Johnson - Vocals on pen-_-.

Photos by:
Mike King

Mastered by:
CD Marksman

Cover Art:
Cliff Campbell & Brett Stowers

Booklet Design & Layout:
Brett Stowers

Group Picture Composite:
Nathin Seals

"The Carbon Copy Silver Lining" poem by Andrew Sudderth

Copyright 2002 Fair to Midland. All rights reserved.
Unauthorised duplication is a violation of applicable laws.
Don't do it or we will kill you.

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thanx: the pintlers, the seals, the stowers, the campbells, berry sudderth, kent wyatt, buffy rouse, braxton henry, jasen mayfield, cheve a., adam b., nikki e., bill(slick-elvis), dante s. sean c., peron, rick, mary beth, alecia, zach c., drew h., drew g., todd evans, matt h., dan b., jeremy e., brandon m., mickey m., john c., matt b., david & gaylan, newmo, zach-logan-chris(viva,viva), lana & bryan, ryan & emily, odie and jeff, jesse wright, the steele family, john m., jesse h., steven h., d.j. and misty, terria w., adrianne j., joe c., linda h., anna p., julie h., jenny g., jennifer mc., justin c., brent g., cliff, rusty, britani mc., stephanie m., nick, davon, bexta, will b., jay and ernest, adarius, dee, obrain & dankhead, erk, jace, laree chel-c, link, lee, jade, and of course matt lanely..etc..etc..to anyone we forgot-it's prolly on purpose... also thax: special thanx to lee harvy, demur, ojo, des furys, alex can't sleep, big iron, benway, chomsky, crooked chair, ethynol, embodyment, southforty, goalie, inbnox, jibe, low gear, red animal war, learned, leroy and the prohet, dustborn, mary came close, niche, huver, nipps brown, pushmonkey, oliver white group, reverend horton heat, roswell, slo-ro, slimshine brown "yall", trimm, uncle silas, not to mention plastic tongue, plesant grove, pornlab, wilt, tek 3, track 10, hide the real, die section, primitve idd, cold fuzion, dimmed, protein shake, low gear, hide the real, redlyn, linus, nocturne, spoonfed tribe, statistic, attention deficit... --and all to the supporters/creators of local music and independent film--...
----the next cd will be better, we promise---



Early Demos



Track Title Length
001 Try Again (Demo) (4:33)
002 Stalepenny (Demo 1) (5:31)
003 See, Saw (Demo) (7:29)
004 Pendejo (Demo) (5:14)
005 Stalepenny (Demo 2) (4:47)
006 Timerstye (Demo) (6:57)
007 Stiffback (Demo) (4:11)
008 In The Beginning of The... (Demo) (5:24)