Bravo Sierra

Brett shared another demo track with us, Bravo Sierra.

Bravo Sierra was played a small number of times during Fair to Midland’s 2010 summer tour, if only once.
A single live recording can be found on YouTube of Bravo Sierra, you can find that, and a rip of the demo Brett shared with us on our Unofficial Uploads Page.

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God Help Us – Arrows & Anchors Demos

Former Fair to Midland drummer shared an unreleased Arrows & Anchors demo with us today!

From Facebook:

So I found this old Fair To Midland (official page) demo on an old hard drive. I believe it was probably the only copy in existence before I uploaded it. I’d hate for it to be gone forever… I really liked this one.

From YouTube:

God Help Us demo from the Arrows & Anchors writing sessions I found on an old hard drive. I’m pretty sure it was the only copy that existed at that point. It would be a shame if it was lost and nobody ever heard it. I always really liked this song. I believe this is all Andrew but I could be wrong. Anyway, enjoy! :)

Arrows & Anchors Demos


Track Title Length Download
000 God Help Us (5:23) [Download MP3 13.5MB]

Brett then shared a screenshot of a folder on his computer containing the other four Demos that were recorded for Arrows & Anchors. Fans have known these tracks have existed for a long time. Brett teasing these tracks might mean he’ll share them for us to enjoy, or keep teasing us! Let him know in the comments how bad you want to listen to “new” FTM!

Brett's Computer

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Band Hiatus

It’s been just less than a year since I’ve updated this newsfeed,
about the same amount of time Fair to Midland hasn’t updated their Facebook.

I’m not sure how many people come here looking for answers, but let me try to clear some things up.

First, Fair to Midland is on hiatus and laying low.
They haven’t made a formal announcement for probably one reason,
it’s better to leave the mess on the table than pack it up and put it away.

    • The band’s website and beloved forum haven’t been active for a few months.
      However, our Facebook Group has been steadily growing in numbers.
      While it’s an alternative, it’s not a replacement.
      We hope to restore the forum and its years worth of fandom.
      Some remains of the forum are stored in the Internet Archive.

      Thanks to our very own Brittany, the FTM forum has been restored up to 2009.
      Currently, any posts or accounts made after 2009 are gone.
      Please join us!
    • The Bandwear Online Store is still active with plenty of stock and confirmed to be delivering orders.
      Order something before I do.

Lately, a lot of people have been asking me if I know anything about the current situation with Fair To Midland. I’m by no means an official source of info, but i’ll tell you what I know because I feel like the fans deserve to know what’s up.

First off, even before I was no longer in the band, FTM was in quite a bit of debt. This, I’m certain, only got worse as time went on. Second, as far as I know, FTM currently have no label or official management. Third, without getting too much into anyone’s personal life, I can say at least a couple members have expressed to me their frustration about lack of communication by certain other members of the band. Finally, the current members of FTM are spread out all over the country at this point. I would imagine that would make getting together for rehearsals/writing prohibitively expensive. (Plane rides, gas, accommodations, etc… you get the picture. Hell, it was hard enough when we were all in the relatively small area of Dallas/Commerce/Sulphur Springs.)

Read into the fact that nobody bothered to renew the band’s domain name what you will. (which actually kind of upsets me. there was a lot of FTM history on those forums)

With all that said, like most of you, I sincerely hope that the guys are able to turn things around. Even though I was a member for 10+ years, I was a fan first. I’ll be cheering alongside you if a new tour/album/whatever is announced, but i’m not holding my breath.

    • Ryan Collier is still playing for 10 Years, currently on tour.
      On August 20th, 2013, 10 Years played at The Machine Shop in Flint, MI
      where Ryan wrote “RIP FTM” with tape on his bass guitar.


    • Finn Darroh Sudderth was born on July 3rd, 2013
      to the beautiful and talented parents Andrew Darroh Sudderth and Krysta Cameron.
      Darroh is the General Manager of School and Music at the Forth Worth School of Rock.


    • Logan Kennedy started playing for singer/songwriter Matt Stell,
      started the soul/blues/funk band ‘Mid-South Soul Revival’
      and also started the Progressive/”Loud As Fuck” band ‘Becoming Elephants’,
      as well as playing for other groups when available.
      Needless to say, he’s been staying very busy.
      Thanks, Logan, for updating us!

While there might not be any new Fair to Midland for awhile… maybe you haven’t heard these two tracks?

St. Elmo’s Fire Demos


Track Title Length Download
001 St. Elmo’s Fire (Demo) (3:15) [Download MP3 3.14MB]
002 St. Elmo’s Fire (Demo Choir) (3:26) [Download MP3 4.97MB]


‘St. Elmo’s Fire’ was the title of ‘Pour the Coal to ‘er’ written prior to the release of Fables From a Mayfly. The track is similar to that of ‘Granny Niblo Says Otherwise’, where the instrumental elements became ‘Granny Niblo’ and the lyrical and vocal elements became ‘An Honest Conman’. Both ‘An Honest Conman’ and ‘Pour the Coal to ‘er’ were bonus tracks on the albums they’re featured on. ‘An Honest Conman’ is an iTunes bonus track while ‘Pour’ is available on both the digital deluxe edition and European release of Arrows and Anchors under the Season of Mist label. The first track is a rough demo, while the second is a more polished demo featuring the children choir… whom sing words that are very close the band’s current status and my feelings attributed to Fair to Midland.


“We love to live in days way back when,
Wondering what could have been.
If we had a time machine,
A cure for cold feet.
We might not play these waiting games.”


Eo. Ire. Itum.

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Ryan and I’s Birthday!

Ryan and I share a birthday, which is PRETTY DAMN COOL!

So happy birthday to us!

Cheers everyone!DSC_1371

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Happy Birthday Cliff!

Miss you buddy! Hope you have an awesome day!


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Last Chance for Old Stock

The band sent out an e-mail today to fans:

“Last chance to pick up any of the items on the merch site. They will be out of stock and taken down within the week.”

Be sure to pick up some stuff asap!

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Three Generations of FTM

Ryan, Matt, and Brett

Ryan, Matt, and Brett

Three Generations of Fair to Midland hanging out at Trees in Dallas, TX on March 13th for the 10 Years tour.

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I’m A Well Campaign – Help build a well for a South African school!

FTMfan Kristopher Phillips has started a Campaign in hopes to “lessen the burdens of water scarcity by building water wells for those in need.”

Proceeds of sales will be used to build a well for Pfunekani Creche, a school South Africa.

Kris designed, and is selling, rubber bracelets, tote bags, and t-shirts influenced by Fair to Midland.

This is one of the coolest things to happen in the FTMfan community. I hope Kris reaches his goal!


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Happy Birthday Andrew!



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Merch 25% Off through January 13th!


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