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Probably not much. My computer crashed a bit ago and was never able to finish updating the website. BUT FEAR NOT, the domain is secure and all of the sweet, tasty, downloads are still on the unofficial uploads page. Keep an eye out for streams and downloads of the DVDs! Welcome to the Dirt, Live at the Machine Shop, and Live at Andy's will eventually be released for public consumption. In the meantime, I would like to continue to bring the website back up to speed, maybe look for a host elsewhere (uCoz had nasty ads) and have some cool fan stuff I would like to do in the future... (Miss FTM merch much?) If you're visiting our website, for now, please use an adblocker, without one you may see something nasty. Anyway, please reach out to me! Hit me up at chris@fairtomidladfans.com We also have our always-active facebook group, Fair to Midland Fans! Look us up!
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I have finished importing the Unofficial Uploads page from the previous website and added a couple things.

The "Unofficial Uploads" page is a catalogue of Demos, Rare Material, and Bootlegs collected by fans over the years. FTMfans have maintained our own page for several years, however the original was made by Brent Frishman of Gutterth Productions.

In the Unofficial Uploads here at FTMfans, you'll find great recordings meant to an extension to your listening habits. Various early demos will paint a timeline of how Fair to Midland developed and evolved their in the studio and Live Bootlegs capture the raw energy of their performances and the experimental groove of their unplugged sets.

Recent additions to the Unofficial Uploads page include: two Arrows & Anchors outtakes, leaked by Brett himself, God Help Us and Br ... Read more »

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Welcome to the reconstruction of FTMfans! The previous site is still archived here: https://web.archive.org/web/20140404141137/http://fairtomidlandfans.com/

Stay tuned for a grand opening with as much content carried over from the old website including a complete resurrection of the Unofficial Uploads page with new download links and batch torrent options.

In the meantime please check us out at our Facebook group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/fairtomidland Thanks everyone! If you would like to help me in this revival, please comment below or contact me personally!

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